The Best Place to Sell Jewelry in Santa Barbara, California

Sell Jewelry for Cash in Santa Barbara CA From diamond engagement rings to valuable antique jewelry, Santa Barbara Jewelry Buyer is the best place to sell jewelry in Santa Barbara County. Conducting business on a platform of integrity, honesty, and superior customer service, we take pride in having become personal jewelry buyer to so many clients in Santa Barbara, CA.

When we say that we are “the best place to sell jewelry in Santa Barbara” it’s therefore not just another advertising slogan. It’s the driving force behind how we do business.

During your online research, you undoubtedly have found various businesses (both in Santa Barbara and online) who purchase previously-owned jewelry, such as diamond engagement rings, antique gemstone jewelry, and other valuable estate jewelry. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to know who to contact—especially since this may be the first time you have ever tried to sell your fine jewelry or a luxury watch in Santa Barbara County.

There is, of course, one quick & easy way to find out if Santa Barbara Jewelry Buyer truly is the best place to sell jewelry in Santa Barbara. Simply call or email us today for a free (no obligations) verbal appraisal of your fine jewelry or timepiece. Then compare our quote and friendly customer service with other Santa Barbara jewelry buyers, pawn shops, or estate buyers who offer free cash quotations.

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However, we also would like to explain further why Santa Barbara Jewelry Buyer is trusted by clients throughout Santa Barbara County as the best place to sell diamond jewelry, luxury watches, and important estate jewelry.

Santa Barbara Jewelry Buyer’s Superior Resale Channels & Knowledge

When deciding on the best place to sell jewelry in Santa Barbara, you want to check the jewelry buyer’s expertise in estate jewelry, antique jewelry, and previously-owned designer jewelry from brands like Harry Winston, Tiffany & Co., Cartier, Chopard, Neil Lane, and others.

The best places to sell jewelry in Santa Barbara are with jewelry buyers who have a deep background in important estate jewelry and antique jewelry. These Santa Barbara buyers have spent decades building expertise and establishing resale channels throughout the United States and internationally—all of which enables them to pay you more for your Santa Barbara estate jewelry.

Santa Barbara Jewelry Buyer is owned and operated by Fletcher Blackburn, a 2nd generation estate jeweler. He is also a fine jewelry designer worldwide resale contacts, including private collectors and retailers. He is an expert in assessing the “intangible” aspects of Santa Barbara estate jewelry, such as the added brand value bestowed by legendary luxury brands.

At Santa Barbara Jewelry Buyer, we leverage Fletcher’s expertise and the resale network he has built over the past 20+ years to get Santa Barbara County residents more cash for their diamond jewelry, antique jewelry, and Swiss timepieces.

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Santa Barbara Jewelry Buyer’s Business Model & Low Overhead

The best place to sell estate jewelry in Santa Barbara is with an established jewelry buyer who is able to keep their operating expenses low, while still generating a lot of new business and repeat business.

At Santa Barbara Jewelry Buyer, we keep our business overhead low in the following ways: 1) We spend no money on Google ads or television and radio ads. 2) We use the latest technologies to maximize our efficiency and streamline the sales process. 3) Our main buying office is a modest one, from which we serve Santa Barbara and the entire country.

Rather than conducting expensive advertising campaigns, Santa Barbara Jewelry Buyer has built a successful business based on word-of-mouth and Fletcher Blackburn’s established track record as one of the most prominent and trusted jewelry buyers serving Santa Barbara. Our lower operating and advertising expenses are passed on to you in the form of higher cash payments for your fine jewelry and watches.

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Contact our Santa Barbara jewelry appraisers now to arrange your free appraisal and consultation. We look forward to showing you why we are the best place to sell jewelry in Santa Barbara, CA.

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    Santa Barbara Jewelry Buyer purchases previously-owned designer jewelry originally bought at Santa Barbara’s best diamond jewelers, including Daniel Gibbings, Bryant & Sons, Ltd., POSH Fine Jewelers, Truong & Company Jeweler, Tiffany & Co., 4J Jewelers, Calla Gold Jewelry, and Silverhorn Jewelers.