Sell Jewelry Securely in Santa Barbara

At Santa Barbara Jewelry Buyer, the security of the estate sales process is our priority. Whether you are selling Tiffany diamond jewelry or a vintage Cartier watch, you can feel confident knowing that Santa Barbara Jewelry Buyer is a widely-respected luxury estate buyer who maintains business relationships with other “best-in-class” financial institutions and organizations.

Santa Barbara Diamond Jewelry Appraisals

Santa Barbara Jewelry Buyer employs GIA trained graduate gemologists and abides by GIA diamond and gemstone grading standards. This ensures the accuracy of our Santa Barbara diamond appraisals and gemstone evaluations.

Santa Barbara Jewelry Shipping

Santa Barbara Jewelry Buyer’s shipping partner is FedEx, which we have used successfully without incident for many years. When Santa Barbara clients choose to sell us their fine jewelry from home, they can feel secure in the sterling reputation of FedEx shipping, which we provide to you completely free of charge.

Insure My Jewelry

Santa Barbara Jewelry Buyer’s insurance partner for the shipping of luxury assets is Parcel Pro, a UPS Capital Company. Every luxury item shipped to our buying office is insured to its full value, entirely free of charge.

Santa Barbara Jewelry Protection

Santa Barbara Jewelry Buyer’s in-house insurance partner is Wexler Insurance Agency, the world’s leading provider of jeweler’s block and fine arts insurance services. As soon as your fine jewelry, diamond, or luxury watch enters the premises of our office, it is automatically insured by Wexler.

Santa Barbara Jewelry Security

Santa Barbara Jewelry Buyer’s Wexler insurance policy is underwritten by Lloyd’s of London, the financial industry’s most prestigious insurer of high-value luxury assets–which adds extra peace of mind to those Santa Barbara clients selling us extraordinary jewels and Swiss timepieces.

Sell Jewelry in Santa Barbara CA

Santa Barbara Jewelry Buyer’s banker is Wells Fargo. If you would like to receive your cash payment via wire transfer, we send the money immediately and securely from our Wells Fargo account to your Santa Barbara bank account.

Experience the difference that Santa Barbara Jewelry Buyer can make to your bank account today. Let us help you get the most cash possible for your valuable estate jewelry, fine gemstones, and high-brand watches in Santa Barbara, California.

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